National Bank of Tajikistan

Date: 6 months
Country: Tajikistan

TA to Internal Audit Department
Technical assistance to the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) to assess and improve the operation of the Internal Audit Department.  

Date: 2005/ongoing
Country: Tajikistan

International Bank - Establishment of a branch in Tajikistan
The Global Fund

Date: 2003/2009
Country: Afghanistan

The Global Fund - Local Fund Agent for Afghanistan

Date: 2002
Country: Tajikistan

Feasibility study for a new micro-finance institution in Tajikistan

Date: 2001/2006
Country: Tajikistan

Property valuation - Evaluation of properties of Orienbank, Agroinvestbank and Tojiksoderatbonk (TSOB) - Tajikistan

Date: 2000/2001
Country: Palestine

Small Enterprise Development Programme in West Bank & Gaza

Date: 1997/2000
Country: Russia

Russian Federation - Project financing for Azov Terminal
AKFED (Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development)

Date: 1997
Country: Tajikistan

Due diligence of Enterprise Support Facility - Tajikistan